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Monthly News (Updated Tuesday, September 2)

Lumen Press: September Issue, 2014



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The advent of LED lighting Technology has shaken up the world of our traditional lighting metrics. We have seen the development of LM79, LM80, TM21, Lighting Facts labels, the list goes on and on. But what about CRI (Color Rendering Index)? CRI was developed by CIE over 60 years ago, well before the development of commercially available white light LEDs. So is CRI still the best way for the lighting community to judge the effectiveness of LEDs to render color? Please join us for our September program Comparisons of the Color Quality Scale CQS with the Color Rendering Index CRI presented by Rolf S. Bergman, Ph.D. on September 25 to find out.


Note: If you would like to attend the program, but wish to pay via cash or check at the door, please contact Mike Confer to RSVP.
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I would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2014 to 2015 program year planning conference call on August 8. It was really great to hear all of the wonderful ideas that you, the members of our section, had to offer. The feedback from that call was taken to the board meeting we held on August 22 and a “skeleton” schedule has been put together based upon your feedback. Don’t be surprised to hear from us if you shared an idea we may need your help in pulling these programs together. As always, if you would like to sponsor a program, suggest a speaker or subject for the coming year; please contact our Program Chair, Mike Evert at or 440-725-3781.

The Board of Managers meets once a month during the program year, usually via phone. Our next meeting is September 22 at noon. If you would like to join the call please contact Henry Barker and he will give you the dial-in information. All board meetings are open so don’t be afraid to join in. We welcome your input.


The IES Cleveland Section would like to recognize the following long-standing members of our section. These members will receive a pin in commemoration of their long-standing membership at our September meeting. We have many more long-standing members who will be recognized as part of a yearly membership recognition program at the end of our section year. Members will receive a pin for their most recent corresponding five year consecutive membership milestone achieved.


  • 60 Years: Lewis Sternberg
  • 50 Years: Michael Kormos
  • 50 Years: Nancy Christensen
  • 50 Years: Terry McGowan
  • 40 Years: John Moody
  • 40 Years: David Loyd
  • 40 Years: Gerald Pool
  • 40 Years: Roy Dray
  • 40 Years: David Kinkaid
  • 40 Years: James McCormick
  • 30 Years: Dennis Ziegler
  • 30 Years: Robert Horn
  • 30 Years: James Peters
  • 30 Years: Terrance Kilbourne
  • 30 Years: Joseph Howley
  • 30 Years: Phillip Soroky
  • 30 Years: Mary Beth Gotti
  • 30 Years: Anthony Serres


Best regards,


Kristen Mallardi, LC
IES Cleveland Section President

*Note: My contact information has changed—see the officers listing for my updated information.